Black Singles

Black Singles

Black Speed Dating in London 2012

Are you looking for black singles like yourself? Why not attend one of our black speed dating event in London where you can meet like minded individuals. Our speed dating events for African and Caribbean people are held in attractive  central London locations.

As you probably aware, attending Clubs to meet other singles can be tiresome. If you are a female, you often need to wade through many unsavoury characters before arriving at your prince charming, while if you are Male you will forever receive negeative responses at your attempts to chat ladies up.

Speed dating cuts all this out by allowing you to meet opposite sex who are looking for love. You meet many willing people in one night and would often receive more than one opportunity for love from one single event!


More About Black Speed Dating in the UK

If you have attended speed dating in the past then you will see that black speed dating works pretty much the same, except that you will have more people you have more in common with and therefore could increases you success rate!

During the event, you will get to meet up to 20 singles for a series of mini dates lasting between 3-4 minutes. We find that this about enough time to find whether or not there is enough chemistry between the two people. You are given a pad and pen to record the people you like so that you dont forget their names. After the event responses are collated and sent to each person within 24 hours.


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